Wednesday, January 17, 2007

99 Members of Chennai Corporation Resigned

The 99  DMK members of the Chennai Corporation have resigned their posts for the re polls.

The AIADMK filed a case against DMK and its aliies during the election that the polling for the Chennai Corporation Members was not held by fair means, so re-polling should be conducted. The first panel of the Judges Over ruled the petetion and said that Re-polling will not be done based on the rports by the election comission.

Recently the second panel of the Judges made a verdict that the re-polling must be done for the Chennai Corporation. So the 99 members of the DMK and its allies of the Chennai Corporation have resigned their posts, to enable for re-polling qwithout any delay.

This is a bold move done by the DMK and its allies, lets wait and see who is going to capture the Capital of the State. Lets hope that this poll should happen without any voilence.

Free Gas Stoves and Connections

The Tamilnadu Government has given free Gas Stoves along with a Gas Connection for the Poor Women for the Pongal Festival.

Hope this scheme will be contiued for the time being. The DMK government is providing a lot of benefeciaries for the TN People, to make sure they will keep the TN rule in their hands.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

1 KG Rice for Rs.2, Free Color TV - DMK Fulfills the promise

The DMK government led by M Karunanadhi has started fulfilling their election promise by giving a Kilo of Rice for Rs.2 in the ration shops and also provding free Color Televisions for the People who dont've TV in their home.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

DMK Gets the Power

The Democratic Front lead by DMK has attained the power and Kalaingar M Karunanadhi has become the Cheif Minister of Tamilnadu.

Lets wait and see whether the election promises are fulfilled or not.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Final Verdict

Tomorrow, (i.e.) 8th May is the most Expected Day for the people in Tamilnadu and also for all the politicians throught India. This is the day where the actual fate and the future of Tamilnadu will be decided by the hand of the Voters. But surely thre will be some malpractices and illegal ways being followed by the politicians to woo the voters or the money may flow for the Votes. But whatever happens will surely decide the fate of Tamilnadu.

I Request all the voters to think Twice or Thrice before casting your vote and make sure that peace and prosperity comes into Tamilnadu.

Long Live the Democracy

In-Justice to Government Employees

The State Government Employees including the Teachers and Staffs from Schools and Colleges are involved in the coming Assembly Election as Presiding officers and for handling other jobs in the Poll Booths. Usually it is common for the persons who are involved in the Election duty will be casting their Votes through Postal Votes.

During her Ruling Period, the Cheif Minister of Tamil Nadu, Selvi Jayalalitha took severe action against the Government employees who protested for their Bonus money which was not given to them for a long period and for some justified reasons. She brought into force two acts the TESMA and ESMA , by which many employees were arrested and were also suspended. But later they were rejoined to their jobs after several months. Still the reason they protested for was not yet fulfiled. So the Sate Government Employees will definitely vote against AIADMK. So in order to stop them from voting, the forms submitted for the Postal Voting by the employees involved in the election duty were rejected and even most of them have'nt received the forms.

The State Government employees have accused the Cheif Minister of Misusing her power for preventing them from voting against AIADMK. They've threatened that if they were not allowed to cast their votes by Postal Votes then after 9th May, ther'll be definitely an agitation against the government.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Freebies a lot of Freebies

The recent political competetion between the major parties in Tamilnadu for the Assembly Elections has turned out to be full of Free offerings from the parties. Let us see some of the promised freebies.

Offers by UPA :
  • Free Color TV.
  • 1 KG Rice for Rs. 2
  • Farmer Loans will be Cancelled.
  • Self Help Groups for Men.
  • New Fishing Harbour at Ennore.
  • Rs. 15,000 for the Marriage of Adult Girls.
  • Free Gas Stove.
  • Rs. 300 for all unemployed youth until they get Job.
Freebies proclaimed by AIADMK :
  • Free Computer.
  • Free 10 KG Rice.
  • Free Bi-Cycle.
  • Cancellation of all Farmer Loans.
  • 4 gms of Gold for Adult girl's Marriage.

The fun here is most of the Offers by AIADMK were copied from the UPA's Election Manefesto.

Let's wait and see what of the above given are fulfiled when they Win the Election.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

A big welcome to KARUNANATHI

The DMK president is being welcomed by lakhs of people as he visits various parts of the state for the Election campaign. This brings a lot of hope of victory to the DMK led UPA. But one thing they must keep in mind is that the huge crowds shouldn't deceive them, because in the same manner crowds also flow in AIADMKs Election campaigns.

The Opposition parties must keenly watch the Ruling Party, and should also contribute themselves for the fair elections.

Money makes many things

The Ruling party AIADMK which seems to have got the fear of losing, has got the main heads from the Opposition parties by giving them loads of cash.

First Vaiko, the Founder and President of MDMK a former member of the DMK alliance, joined AIADMK with his complete election campaign against DMK. It is said that Vaiko has got Rs. 40 Crores from AIADMK for joining the party. The funny thing here was Vaiko is a supporter of LTTE and Jayalalitha is against LTTE. When the former goverment by BJP brought the POTA into enforcement, Jayalalitha arrested Vaiko under POTA for supporting LTTE and kept him under arrest for a few years. The money must have made Vaiko to change his principles and even forgive the injustice made to him by Jayalalitha.

Recently, the famous Film Actor and Nadar community leader Sarath Kumar also known as Supreme Star left DMK with his wife Radhika, a producer and actress to join AIADMK. He said that the DMK members didnt give him proper respect. In a recent campaign of the Nadar community presided by Sarath Kumar at Tuticorin, lakhs of fans and people nearly 6 lakhs, participated in it. This would have give Sarath Kumar a blind hope that he can make change in the election results by moving to the other party. It is also said that Sarath Kumar was given Rs. 10 Crore for joining the AIADMK.

The flow of money makes the leaders to change parties. Is this DEMOCRACY ?

Friday, April 14, 2006

Utilizing the Media for the Election

The Ruling Party AIADMK has their own Television channel, Jaya TV and the Major opposition Party DMK has a family Channel SUN TV. Both these parties use these channels to make their election propaganda to reach the nook and the corner of the state. They attack on eachother through NEWS and News Reports through these channels.

As far as I've seen the SUN TV, is far more better among the Two television channels. The SUN TV mostly gives the real news with a greater focus on the Good Happenings for DMK and the faults and problems created by AIADMK. They put special special programs which tells about their party's election propaganda and the cheif members speech.

But the AIADMK official Channel, Jaya TV is just the opposite. They change the real news for their benefit. Their negative points are converted completely into positive in their news. So we cannot get the real news in the matters where AIADMK or Jayalalitha is Involved. The more worse here is that they keep on blaming the oposition parties and they claim all the benefits brought into the state by the oposition party as their own and their own faults as the faults of the oposition.

By this I am not justifying the between DMK and AIADMK, but I am just expressing the current situation the Tamilnadu people are facing and the enemity between the parties who fight for the seat but have forgotten the voters. This is the plight of Tamilnadu.